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 RP Job Rules

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PostSubject: RP Job Rules   RP Job Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 8:44 pm

Civil Protection & CP Cheif
Job Description: Protectors of the civilians and watch's over the society.

- Rules -

What you can not do: Randomly arrest and shoot anyone you see, You can do a police raid.
What you can do: Warrant and Want people who are breaking a law or doing something illegal.

Example: A hitman Murder's someone in the park, You make the hitman wanted and arrest him, if he pulls a weapon you are free to fire upon him. If he hides in his house or someone else? You make the player who is hiding him wanted and warrant the hitman or the person hiding him so you can recover the murder and arrest them and get them off the street.

S.W.A.T & Special Forces
Job Description: You are the top of the rank, fighter's of crime.

- Rules -

What you can not do : You can not randomly shoot people or randomly want/warrant you must get proof.

What you can do: You can create your base of operations " Office " where the mayor or CP Cheif can call you for help on a case or you can create your own case such as on Murder's, Drugs, or any other illegal activity.

Hit Man

Job Description: To have people hire you for service to kill someone.

- Rules -

What you can not do: You can not get hits from Police or any government official or from other hit mans.
What you can do: You can break in "Raid" a building such as lock picking to get inside a building to kill the person on your hit list.


Job Description: You are a theif, the lowest criminal in the city. You steal and take things that do not belong to you.

- Rules -

What you can not do: You can not kill anyone in a raid or while stealing, You can run an retreat but must not attack anyone.
What you can do: Lock pick into buildings and steal while no one is around, Build secrete places to store and hide your loot from the public's eye.

+ Medic +

Job Description: With your medical knowledge, you heal players to proper health. Without a medic, people can not be healed. Left click with the Medical Kit to heal other players. Right click with the Medical Kit to heal yourself.


Job Description: You grew up in a tough neighborhood or any other custom story you want about your life and how you joined/created a gang.

- Rules -

What you can not do: You can not mug a Civil protection or personal of the law because they can kill you or arrest you.
What you can do: You can raid buildings and mug people in which you can kill people who draw a weapon.

Raid Cool down timer: 10 Min's
Mug Cool down timer: 5 Min's

Gangs - Example:
1. You and your friends/peers or gang members must do /job and pick a gang name for your group, if you do not and if this were to happen.
You are mugging someone and a cop shoots you and your gang member "gangster" attacks the police and kills him that would be randomly killing because you are not related.
You Must do /job and pick a name, example /job DuckPack.
2. If a CP is trying to arrest one of your gang members or shooting at one and you are in a gang "./job name"
You can kill the CP trying to arrest them and then you must flee. You can not goto spawn and mow down all the cp's you must retreat and only attack if they pursue you.

Mayor & President

Job Description: The Mayor of the city creates laws to serve the greater good of the people. If you are the mayor you may create and accept warrants. Type /wanted <name> to warrant a player. Type /jailpos to set the Jail Position. Type /lockdown initiate a lockdown of the city. Everyone must be inside during a lockdown. The cops patrol the area /unlockdown to end a lockdown.

- Rules -

What you can not do: Randomly putting the city on lock down for no reason.

What you can do: Protect your city and create laws to better off your city.

Gun Dealer

Job Description: A gun dealer is the only person who can sell guns to other people. However, make sure you aren't caught selling guns that are illegal to the public. /Buyshipment <name> to Buy a weapon shipment /Buygunlab to Buy a gunlab that spawns P228 pistols.

- Rules -

What you can not do: You can not join gangster's and Hit mans and base with them.
What you can do: You can deliver a gun shipment to people such as gangster's.
You must build an open public gun store.


Job Description: You are a hobo you were an outcast of all the people who got jobs and you could not be anything better you beg for money and do things to get money.

- Rules -

What you can not do: You can not own or use guns. You can not raid or mug.
What you can do: You can use knifes.
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RP Job Rules
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